Like A Ghost Reviews

‘Like A Ghost’ is getting loads of glowing reviews.

The new single has been getting some great reviews, check them out below.

“through the headphones you are almost encapsulated in your own little bubble that seems to shimmer on its edges.”
– Barstool Music – Read here.

“Beyond the ethereal realm of electronica and alternative music lies a conglomerate of sounds that simple words cannot describe”
– Right Chord Music – Read here.

“With an impressive array of gems under his belt already, Bite The Boxer is growing and cultivating a sound that really stands out from the crowd right now.” 
-Mystic Sons – Read here.

“The mellow soundscape is filled with inquisitive sounds of different colors and textures to compose a soothing tune.”
– AILoveMusic – Read here.

“It’s the combination of the dreamy vocals and chilled out production that won me over to this song and I think you will too.”
– CaesarLivenLoud – Read here.