Rituals EPK

Welcome to the EPK page for the new song – Rituals. Here you will find the video, a soundcloud embed and a link to a Google Drive (for download), links to social media and images. If you require anything else, please email matt@bitetheboxer.com

About Rituals

The new song marks a new genre and direction for Bite The Boxer, this time going deeper and darker than before. Rituals evokes an unsettling atmosphere with a slight glimmer of hope and light shining through the darkness. Within the music there are hints of horror movies and early first-person shooter games such as Quake, the latter of which was scored by a long-time influence on the music of Bite The Boxer, Nine Inch Nails.

Access the Google Drive folder here to listen to, and download the song. Please do not share this link without prior permission.

Rituals will be released on 16th June across all major digital platforms.

Available on the following streaming services:
Amazon Music
Apple Music

Reference Points and Artists That Influenced This Album:
Nine Inch Nails

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Short Bio

What started off as an anonymous synthwave project in early 2020, as a way of sharpening his music production skills during lockdown, Bite The Boxer has transformed into a multi-genre, single-person, DIY production project spanning industrial altpop, synthwave, cyberpunk, ambient, chillwave, lo-fi. Debut album The ’86 Sound was released in August 2020, followed by a glut of singles and the breakout EP – A Stream Becomes A River, which was released on 15th October 2021. On the back of the success of A Stream… Bite The Boxer moved to a slightly more commercial, yet alternative sound for widely-praised single, Forgotten, in April 2022 and Like A Ghost in June 2022. Many of these singles recieved international radio airplay, as well as being picked up by the BBC Introducing team.

The ’86 Sound (album) – September 2020
The Throw Down (single) – December 2020
Battleship (single) – February 2021
Half Awake in the Half Light (EP) – April 2021
Human Atmosphere (single) – May 2021
Down in the Park (Single – Gary Numan cover) – July 2021
A Stream Becomes A River (EP) – October 2021
Forgotten (Single) – April 2022
Like A Ghost (Single) – June 2022
Way Out (Single) – October 2022
Haunted Remains (album) – December 2022